Friday 14 September 2012

October the 21st: a date to put in your diary

I'm currently in a lull between periods of intense activity. Since July I have had The Only Genuine Jones professionally edited, had a cover design created, written a few book reviews (two of which have been very well received), and sent out advance copies to readers. I have stripped the Microsoft Word file back down to plain text, built it back up to HTML by hand, and learned how to use Calibre to compile it into native ereader formats. I have also made the difficult decision to rename one of my characters.

Since then work on OGJ has quietened down and I've been concentrating on writing new rough draft material for Alpine Dawn.

This is about to change.

I have fixed a date for the release of the Kindle Edition of OGJ: October the 21st. This date was selected not entirely arbitrarily; it's Trafalgar Day, a lesser-known public holiday that happens to coincide with a number of memorable mountain days in previous years. It's superstition really but I selected the date to be a lucky one.

So, in the next couple of weeks I will be starting the big publicity push in the run up to publication. I am going to be producing posters, contacting magazines and websites, possibly producing a book trailer (watch this space!), and generally doing all I can to promote the ebook launch.

I have already started the twitter hashtag #TheOnlyGenuineJones, which will be used for online discussion about the book.

The paperback edition, which I'm currently investigating, will be produced early next year and will hopefully be accompanied by a proper launch party!

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