Thursday 8 November 2012

A selection of recent reviews

The reviews are starting to trickle in for The Only Genuine Jones, and so far they're all good! I have now received six 5* reviews and two 4* reviews, which I'm very pleased with.

Here's a selection of comments made recently in Amazon reviews.

"An historical novel that does not feel old fashioned from an author who clearly knows what he is writing about and knows how to transmit his passion."

"The book has a number of strengths and I particularly enjoyed the brisk plot, the cast of historical characters and the fascinating, flawed hero, O.G. Jones and his arch-rival Aleister Crowley. Alex succeeds in bringing to life the Victorian climbing establishment, filling the corners of mountain hostelries with pipe smoke and banter, and his descriptions of climbing convey an affinity with the high, wild places. The technical writing never gets bogged down in excessive detail, but rather dangles the reader in amongst the rock and ice of some iconic routes."

"This is a confident piece of work that provides a thoroughly entertaining read from start to finish. With clear nods towards the likes of Harrer this is a book that will appeal to climbers and mountaineers but one that will also sit well with those interested in historical fiction and the quirks of Victorian society."

"Once started I didn't want to put this book down - an excellent read, interesting characters, places I've been (and others I've not been) and a real ability to feel like you are there yourself. Definitely recommended, especially for anyone who likes mountaineering books but also for anyone who just enjoys a good read."

Read all the reviews here.

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