Tuesday 19 March 2013

Digital Research: The Double Edged-Sword

Regular readers might remember an article I penned last year comparing modern research and writing methods with those of the 19th century. In "The Post-PC, Post-Print Revolution" I pondered the question of how technology is changing the way we create books. We have a dizzying array of technology at our disposal in 2013--literally miraculous digital powers that give us access to all the world's knowledge with a few keystrokes (or, increasingly, a spoken command). But are these abilities empowering or hindering us?

I was recently contacted by Allison Morris who has created an infographic (below) on this very subject. I thought it would be interesting viewing for my readers, particularly those of you who also write.

Ironically, my dependence on digital resources has, if anything, strengthened since last May. I have found Google Now to be an invaluable research tool: an efficient, always-listening assistant that will listen to my spoken queries and reply instantly (in a very convincing British accent, no less). However, I do still like my notebooks...


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