Monday 12 August 2013

Blog Spotlight: The Mountain's Silhouette

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(Backpacking and Outdoors)
Run by Nick Brahmhall

This series of articles showcases blogs of merit and interest, usually (but not exclusively!) connected with the topics of mountaineering, Scotland, writing, and history.

Scottish mountaineering blogs come in all shapes and sizes - some dedicated to clinical descriptions of routes and grades, others dedicated to photography, plenty run by professional instructors. However, only a handful are good enough to make readers come back again and again in anticipation of the next post. Nick Brahmhall's excellent blog is one of them.

I first came across TMS about three years ago. Unlike some blogs which publish several relatively lightweight posts a week, Nick's articles tend to be meaty and detailed, peppered with high quality photographs. As a backpacker his posts tend to focus on long mountain journeys in the Highlands, often featuring wild camping, and the style of his trip reports makes great reading. He often adds useful details such as route length and time, plus a link to a map of the journey.

Some posts I enjoyed:

Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach

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