Thursday 24 October 2013

A plea to reviewers of The Only Genuine Jones

Thirty four people have reviewed The Only Genuine Jones over the past year on the UK homepage of the book. Twenty seven of those reviews were five stars - reviews any author would be proud to receive. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has taken the time to review my book, especially those who don't usually review products on Amazon.

However, what most readers probably don't know is that the book has an entirely different set of reviews on the page. This is the page used by readers from the US and some other countries, and so far only six people have also posted reviews on the .com page. In part this is because the book only really sells in the UK, but also it's because a lot of readers don't know it exists on!

I am planning a promotion which requires a minimum number of .com reviews, and at the moment I don't have as many as I need, so I'm going to make a request of everyone who has written a review of my book so far:

If you'd like to help me out, please consider writing a review for the page in addition to the page. If you've already written a review please just copy and paste it over. It will make a real difference!

Here is the link again: The Only Genuine Jones on

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