Monday 7 October 2013

New review for The Only Genuine Jones

The Only Genuine Jones was published almost a year ago but the blog reviews are still coming in. I thought I would share the latest one because I think it's one of the best reviews I have yet received on any platform, and really showcases how the book resonates with some readers.

The review was posted by Alistair Young on his outdoor blog, Stravaiger's eBothy. Some choice quotes:

"Alex’s style brought the scenes to vivid life and I could imagine being there, right then, mingling with the greats. It was then I realised I could really enjoy this book. In fact I actually got really excited when it became evident they’d have to sit out a storm on the summit of The Ben. Not in a modern bivvy or mountain tent. Or even call up the rescue (for this is the 1890s) but dig their way INTO the observatory!"

"I’m throughly glad I read this book. It’s been a long time coming I think. That mix of historical fact and lively imagination coupled with a deeply philosohpical vein that Alex mines superbly. The evening in Glencoe will stay with me for a long time and I’m sure I’ll look on the old place in a new light the next time I’m up on those crags."

Many thanks to Alistair for posting such a fantastic review.

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