Thursday 28 March 2013

"The Only Genuine Jones" gets an amazing review from MyOutdoors

It's a little over a month since The Only Genuine Jones was published in paperback form and the reviews are starting to trickle in. The first prominent review is from Dave Mycroft at MyOutdoors, an online news site for the world of hillwalking and mountaineering.

I sent Dave a copy of my book a couple of weeks ago and he has written a very thorough and flattering review. Read it here.

Some choice quotes:
"In setting such well known (at least in the world of mountaineering) real life figures in a fictional story the author has taken something of a gamble, particularly when combined with a re-writing of history, but the result is a book that appeals to both the mountaineering and general fiction markets in a unique way." 
"As a story The Only Genuine Jones mixes a heady combination of mystery and subterfuge in a fast moving tale that contains all the classic ingredients of revenge, murder and romance." 
"Read The Only Genuine Jones as a novel and it's a real page turner, building up a flawed but believable hero in parallel with a villain that manages to elicit feelings of sympathy at times."


TGO Magazine are printing their review of OGJ in the next issue (to be available from April the 4th, which is next Thursday). I still don't know whether they liked the book or not, but needless to say, I'm on tenterhooks ... a glowing review from TGO will work wonders towards raising my profile as a writer!

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