Saturday 13 October 2012

The final sprint

By this time next week, the final version of The Only Genuine Jones will be live on the Kindle store. I will allow myself 24 hours to download a copy myself and do a final check-through for formatting errors or any other problems that may have slipped the net. On the Sunday itself (hopefully early afternoon) I will make the announcement that the book is available to buy and download from the Kindle store.

Until then, I'm still battling through the final read-through and picking out the odd tenacious error--mostly formatting niggles such as a stray apostrophe facing the wrong way when paired with an em dash. Errors like this still exist because I decided to build the Kindle file from scratch using plain text and HTML, so when presented with a screenful of code it's easy for things to slip the net until you see a rendered version. The process may be a little more painstaking than just exporting a Word file into HTML and hoping for the best, but it means I have total control over how the final product renders.

The initial price for the book is going to be only £1.99. Why have I chosen this price? Simple: I think it represents good value for money, and gives me flexibility to experiment with different pricing structures. I want to be able to run a free promotion (or 99p sale) in the future. This will most probably happen when I release the special paperback edition ... something I will be talking about in detail closer to the time!

I'm aware that some of you use ereaders other than Amazon's Kindle. It will take a little time but I'm committed to making The Only Genuine Jones available for the Nook, Kobo, and other ebooks too.

For now, don't forget to check out my Twitter feed @alex_roddie or my Facebook page for frequent updates.

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