Tuesday 16 April 2013

Recent reviews for "Crowley's Rival"

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Crowley's Rival is a piece I'm proud of. While it doesn't approach the length or complexity of The Only Genuine Jones, and only touches on the more profound issues I have explored in my full-length novel, I feel it showcases some of my best writing in a compact form. It was really intended to be a gift to my fans who have supported me so loyally over the past few months. Although it has been read and enjoyed by a select few (84 sales to be precise plus a couple of hundred free downloads), it hasn't achieved the relatively high level of popularity enjoyed by OGJ because I haven't really pushed or promoted it. It has, in short, been a bit of an afterthought when it comes to promotion and exposure.

Appreciation of this short story/novella has recently come from a surprising and very welcome quarter: the wonderful Kindle Users' Forum (UK). This forum is inhabited by a variety of friendly readers and authors and is a brilliant place for indies to discuss their craft. It has become a brilliant support network for me over the last few months, although given the lack of climbers on the forum I never thought my stories would be widely read by members. It now seems I was wrong!

Over the last few days several KUF members have read my book, loved it, and been kind enough to write some glowing reviews. Here is a selection of recent comments:

"... there's a great deal to be admired in the writing. It's never less than competent and in places, it glows. It's easy to be swept up in Alex Roddie's admiration for the solitude of high places, the grandeur and beauty of the long views and the sound of rushing water. A short read, but a great one." - 5* review by Ignite

"Alex Roddie manages to get across all the danger and spectacle of mountaineering. His highly descriptive writing style makes it all very easy to visualise ... He also provides an insight into the minds of those who literally live on the edge, and are moved by a passion for climbing the great peaks of the world. There are some notes from the author at the end which actually increased my enjoyment of the story." - 4* review by David Wailing

"Both Crowley and Jones have been written with skill and although they are both arrogant, they're also tainted with self doubt and reproach (although keep it hidden from the other) This makes them very interesting and the hinted at history of both men makes them completely three dimensional ... This is simply a very good story and if you like good stories then this is for you. Thoroughly entertaining." - 5* review by David Haynes

In conclusion, I have been encouraged to push Crowley's Rival a little harder and think about ways I could help this story reach a wider audience. Watch this space...


If you're an Amazon robot sweeping my site and looking for fraudulent reviews, please don't mistake the quotes above for anything dodgy; I'm just an honest author showcasing some brilliant reader feedback. Thanks!

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley

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