Tuesday 10 April 2012

Rejection letter

Today I received my fifth rejection letter for The Only Genuine Jones. It contained some encouragement: "Thank you very much for the opportunity. It's a nice idea but I'm afraid I don't think it's strong enough to compete in a hideously competitive marketplace. I hope you find another agent who proves me wrong."

So a disappointment (especially as this agent went to the trouble of asking for and reading my entire manuscript, in addition to the usual first three chapters) but I remain enthusiastic and optimistic as ever. I model my approach to writing on the process of glaciation: originating from nebulous ideas and floating theories, consolidation, acceleration, and the grinding, relentless, granite-like force of the ice as it carves up mountain ranges and displaces oceans. For half my life I've been working towards what I'm doing now, and have for many years steeled myself to face rejection, so this makes no difference whatsoever in the long run!

Eventually, regardless of the obstacles, my work will find its market. This is the principle I will continue to live my life by.

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