Welcome to the website of British writer and editor Alex Roddie. I write historical fiction set in the 19th century with a strong flavour of adventure. I am fascinated by the early days of mountaineering in Britain and the Alps, and my fiction reflects the legendary atmosphere of that heroic time. Click here to learn about my books, or check out the blog.

I am also a freelance editor. See Pinnacle Editorial for more information, or to make a query if you'd like to hire me.


Shortlisted for the Outdoor Book of the Year
Award 2014
"... an exciting and well-written adventure story but it also goes deeper into that, both into the history of the period and the psychology of the characters. It's one of the best works of mountaineering fiction I've read."
TGO magazine official review

"A swashbuckling tale of outdoor adventure, bringing together some epic wild locations and great storytelling."
TRAIL magazine official review