Monday 23 July 2012

Social media update

I have a new Facebook
I have been an active user of social media for many years now, starting with the Forward Motion forums over a decade ago and progressing to a variety of blogs and other platforms, finally moving to Facebook in 2006. During that period I have developed a large range of contacts and learned a thing or two about online marketing.

Regular readers will be aware that this site has existed in several incarnations over the years. In its latest incarnation I've only been posting regularly for a few weeks, but already traffic to the site has surged and I'm regularly getting about two hundred visitors a day, which is great after such a short time. However, the future of web interaction is social, and a website like this cannot survive alone!

I already use Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads, but until now my presence on Facebook has been limited to my personal account--which is very strictly friends-only and invisible to the world at large (honestly, this is the only safe way to operate with your main Facebook account). To avoid irritating my friends with constant burblings on my writing, I have established a new Facebook fan page.

This page will be connected to the blog section of my website, and will be the main outlet for updates, book reviews, photos, and other content (alongside Twitter, which will carry on unchanged). That means that, as of now, readers have a choice: they can read the content directly on here, or follow in a more interactive way on the social media platform of their choice. I also have a presence on both LinkedIn and Google+, but for now these are token gestures only as the vast majority of people use Facebook and Twitter.

In this brave new world of independent publishing, my success as an author is going to depend on social media and word of mouth--so please, if you enjoy reading about mountain literature and want to help a new author to thrive, please 'like' it and tell any friends you think might be interested!

Please also check out the new Social Media summary page on this site.

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