Wednesday 19 December 2012

Crowley's Rival is now available on Amazon Kindle

Crowley's Rival by Alex Roddie

It is my pleasure to announce that my new short story (novella?), Crowley's Rival, is now live on the Kindle store. You can download it here for 79p.

The book is 10,000 words in length so considerably shorter than The Only Genuine Jones. Nevertheless, it's essential reading for fans of my full-length novel, as it takes the reader back to 1893 to show the origins of the feud between Jones and Crowley.

Here's the official blurb:

At the age of seventeen, Alick Crowley is impatient to begin life on his own terms. He bursts with energy but his strict religious education crushes every original impulse. He would do anything to have a real adventure.

When he visits the Lake District in the summer of 1893, he attempts to climb the crags of Scawfell. He has no climbing experience and no gear, but fortunately he meets some of the extraordinary men who have made a sport out of climbing these cliffs.

One of them is O.G. Jones, the self-proclaimed best climber in England ... but Crowley believes that Jones is a liar after being humiliated and criticised by the more experienced man. He wants to prove that Jones is not what he claims to be, but who would believe him?

He vows to escape from his overbearing parents, live the life of adventure he has dreamed about, and return to challenge Jones on his own turf.

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