Sunday 13 January 2013

Book launch poster

"The Only Genuine Jones" by Alex Roddie book launch event
I now have a poster for my launch event! It's very different from the original poster I created for the book, but I think the cleaner design and bold typography help make it less 'noisy' and more effective. It's also in keeping with the design language I use for everything I do as an author: use of the Cambria typeface and a mixture of blue and grey shades.

The event is still weeks away but I'm already starting to feel excited/nervous. This will be the first event of its type in my career, and I'm organising every aspect of it myself. All part of the learning experience!


Unknown said...

Brilliant - great poster! Best of luck :)

Alex Roddie said...

Thank you! Now I need to start thinking about what to put in my talk/presentation...