Wednesday 15 October 2014

Book review and interview: Low Fidelity by Riccardo Mori

I have published a book review of the serialised science fiction novel Low Fidelity over on my work site, Pinnacle Editorial. It also includes a mini-interview with the author, Riccardo Mori.
There are days in which Internet and what’s happening online dishearten me so much I would like for that to happen — the collapse, I mean. I don’t know whether such a collapse might happen in the real world. In the novel, it happens around 2050, when a lot of different things have reached a saturation point. I believe we’re bound to reach a saturation point in the real world as well. What’s interesting is seeing the real-world outcome of such saturation point, and what it will bring: a fracture? A transformation? A reckoning? Who knows.
You can read the rest of the article here. If you enjoy science fiction then I'd highly recommend you subscribe to the author's publication — it's worth every penny!

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