Sunday 21 December 2014

Kindle editions discounted for Christmas

As a Christmas gift to my readers, the Kindle editions of my two full-length novels, The Only Genuine Jones and The Atholl Expedition, have been reduced in price from £1.99 to 98p. This offer will run for ten days until New Year's Eve.

I'm afraid I don't have a new book to release this year, but if you have yet to read one of my existing titles — or if you are lucky enough to receive a shiny new Kindle for Christmas — then this is the best possible time to get involved.

If you'd like to help me out, please spread the word by sharing this blog post on social media or telling friends and family the old fashioned way, by word of mouth! Many thanks, and happy Christmas to all my readers.

The Only Genuine Jones
"A smooth read ... the author's passion for his subject matter is abundant on every page."
TGO Magazine official review (April 2013)

"Read [it] as a novel and it's a real page turner, building up a flawed but believable hero in parallel with a villain that manages to elicit feelings of sympathy at times. Read it as a mountaineering book and you'll start questioning your own knowledge of history. Either way you'll be left wanting more."
MyOutdoors official review

The Atholl Expedition
Shortlisted for the Outdoor Book of the Year Award 2014
"... an exciting and well-written adventure story but it also goes deeper into that, both into the history of the period and the psychology of the characters. It's one of the best works of mountaineering fiction I've read."
TGO magazine official review

"A swashbuckling tale of outdoor adventure, bringing together some epic wild locations and great storytelling."
TRAIL magazine official review

"A book for anyone who loves wild places and cracking good yarns ... I love the fictional/philosophical mix of Alex’s writing and he has a wonderful eye for the unseen."
Review by outdoor blogger Alistair Young

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