Thursday 19 July 2012

It's time to write a blurb

I've been working very hard this week and I'm that bit closer to publication. The next stage in the journey is to come up with a usable blurb: something short and punchy I can use as both a description and a selling tool. My initial attempts, which largely got incorporated into various cover letters and synopses I've been using for the past year, weren't very good. So today I sat down and tried a slightly different tack.

This is what I've come up with so far.
It's 1896 and the conservative British mountaineering community is undergoing dramatic change. A new generation of climbers risk their lives for glory in the mountains, while the radical O.G. Jones struggles against the status quo to establish his reputation. The schemes of his rival, Aleister Crowley, threaten to destroy everything and everyone he cares about. 
It's a new age of heroes, of legendary deeds, of ambition ... but the spectre of death follows those who dare to look to the future, and nothing will ever be the same again for this small band of remarkable men and women. 
Adventure and romance, the Victorian spirit of progress, and the beauty of the wild combine to make this a tale of the mountains unlike any other.
I'd appreciate any feedback or criticism. Still early days for the blurb yet and it will doubtless change before publication, but it's a start!

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