Saturday 21 September 2013

Blog Spotlight: self powered

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(Backpacking, Mountaineering, and Photography)
Run by David Lintern

This series of articles showcases blogs of merit and interest, usually (but not exclusively!) connected with the topics of mountaineering, Scotland, writing, and history.

I discovered this blog fairly recently, after a certain article of stunning Scottish mountain photos was sent to me by a Twitter follower. Self powered doesn't focus exclusively on any single theme, although most of the articles look at the subjects of mountaineering, Scotland, and the environment.

What sets self powered apart from other blogs, in my opinion, is the incredible standard of photography, coupled with sparse and powerful writing. This isn't a wordy blog - the author lets his pictures tell the story. He only tends to post a few times a month but the articles tend to be good!

Some particularly excellent posts:

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