Monday 31 March 2014

Macintosh HD: A new sister site

I enjoy blogging about technology. Some of my best and most popular articles have had nothing whatsoever to do with the mountains or with books, but rather the devices I use to write.

However, that kind of material doesn't really belong on this blog: the hits tend to come from Google, not from my established readers, who (I strongly suspect) care little for retro technology. For that reason I've decided to spin off that side of things into a completely separate blog I can dedicate to the subject.

Enter Macintosh HD, a "vague intersection of retro tech, Mac stuff, and the writing life." I intend to republish most of the original tech articles from this site onto the new one, plus (of course) new content. Please subscribe if such things interest you ... otherwise will continue more or less as before, but with a renewed focus on literature, the outdoors, and my books.

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